Through years of valuable experience and process development, Deltco has created a plastic recycling process that can meet a host of needs varying from densification and shredding services to pelletizing and custom compounding. We have the capability to work with both homopolymers and copolymers to provide recycled material to meet a wide range of customer specifications.

Densification, Shredding and Grinding

Currently, our recycling plant is equipped to handle the densification, shredding and grinding of a wide range of plastic materials. Much of our equipment is custom built to meet our processing requirements and maintain material purity.



We offer full pelletizing services for polypropylene and polyethylene thermoplastic materials. We can provide both homopolymer and copolymer solutions that meet customer specifications. Our many years of compounding experience have enabled us to provide flexible recycling solutions to meet our customers’ recycling needs.


Toll Work

We also offer toll work services in both densified and pelletized form. Our segmented facilities ensure that toll work material returns to the customer in its original purity and product composition.