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Starting in 1982, Deltco Plastics Inc. began operations strictly as a recycler. Initially, Deltco focused on recycling single-source feedstock without offering any compounding services. Throughout the 1990s, the company’s customer base continued to expand as businesses began to realize the cost-effectiveness of recycling their production waste. It was during this time that brokering services were added to the company’s business model. In 1998, the implementation of compounding techniques began to open new opportunities for broader interactions with suppliers and customers.​ A major development in the company’s processing capacity came in 2008 with the acquisition of a separate 30,000 sq. ft. building adjacent to the existing plant. This building was converted into a processing facility devoted to toll work. In 2010, the company expanded again by adding on to the original plant. The addition provided much-needed storage space and production capacity.


Presently, Deltco offers a vast array of plastic recycling and brokerage services. With over four decades of experience, the company’s production process has been equipped to meet a wide range of material needs. 

Our People

A company is only as strong as its employees. Deltco’s success can be attributed to the integrity of its management and developed expertise of its workforce. Creating a consistent, high-quality product is something that every Deltco employee is trained to do and strives to accomplish.  With over half of our employees having multiple years of experience, consistency and reliability is something that we can promise and deliver to our customers.


Manufacturing Assembly
Our Values


At Deltco Plastics we value innovation and we want to take the necessary steps in order to play our part in the global push for a more circular plastic economy. As a plastics recycler we understand the importance of sustainability, as the global need for plastic recycling grows, we are committed to growing as well and playing our part in this mission. We hope to continuously expand our operation and our capabilities as our industry becomes more relevant in this day and age. It is our hope that recycled plastic will continue to be more widely used in plastics manufacturing. Because of this, it is imperative that we grow to meet that demand for recycled plastic.  As a Leader in Plastics Recycling, we have a responsibility to provide our customers with a recycled product that is of the highest quality. When we work together with manufacturers to create and provide plastic products that are more sustainable, we help our industry in its goal to ensure that plastics play a positive role in our world.

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