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Buying Anchor

Deltco purchases clean and recyclable thermoplastic products regardless of shape, density, or color. Although we primarily recycle post-industrial scrape, we do occasionally take post-consumer scrap if it is adequately cleaned and supplied in large enough quantities. 


Our facilities are properly equipped to handle a wide range of recyclable plastic materials. While we have the capability to directly process polypropylene and polyethylene materials, we also purchase other plastic materials for resale.


We can also provide research, development, and testing services that allow our customers to know how we can serve their recycling needs.

Processing Anchor

Through years of valuable experience and process development, Deltco has created a plastic recycling process that can meet a host of needs.

Densification, Shredding, and Grinding​
Our recycling plant is equipped to handle the densification, shredding, and grinding of a wide range of plastic materials. Much of our equipment is custom-built to meet our processing requirements and maintain material purity.
We offer full pelletizing services for polypropylene and polyethylene thermoplastic materials. We can provide both homopolymer and copolymer solutions that meet customer specifications.
 Toll Work
We also offer toll work services in both densified and pelletized forms. Our segmented facilities ensure that toll work material returns to the customer in its original purity and product composition.

Selling Anchor

Reprocessed Material

We sell reprocessed material in densified, regrind, shredded, and pelletized form according to customer needs and specifications.We also offer toll work reprocessing for customers that want to directly recycle their own waste stream and reuse their material at an affordable price. 


Brokered Material

Because of our extensive experience in the plastic recycling industry, we have developed relationships with numerous material suppliers. By connecting buyers with these sellers, we provide valuable materials and help reduce the amount of plastic waste that ultimately ends up in landfills.







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